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This plugin changes the way the player interacts with their inventory.

Instead of having a list based inventory this plugin featues a grid based one instead. Like the ones you would see in Path of Exile or Diablo.

It should be noted that this plugin is still in development. You can affect the development of the plugin by reporting bugs or suggest features you would like to see being added to the plugin.


The plugin should now be compatible with:

  • YEP_ItemCore (However it does not use the scene from YEP_ItemCore, but the individual items and item variance aspect of YEP_ItemCore is compatible with this plugin)
  • YEP_X_ItemDisassemble (Not completely yet. Currently it does not show which components you get when disassembling an item. And the components are added directly to your inventory.)
  • YEP_X_ItemDurability
  • YEP_X_ItemRename
  • YEP_X_ItemRequirements
  • YEP_X_ItemUpgrades
  • YEP_X_AttachAugments (when equipping an augment in a slot that already have an augment the old augment just pops off into a free spot in the inventory. However, if you have no free slots it would pop off to the void)


  • A grid-based inventory
  • Items can take up multiple cells
  • Custom icons for items
  • An item tool-tip window
  • Colorcoded cell/item backgrounds
  • Quick equipment of equipment
  • Custom inventories for e.g. chests
  • Item drops from battles drops in a temporary (shiny) inventory on the ground
  • Customizable inventory size and cell size.

Plugin Commands

You can use the following plugin commands:

  • OpenInventory [ID] - replace [ID] with the id of the inventory. You can also write 'Player' instead of the id to open the player inventory.
    E.g. OpenInventory 1 or OpenInventory Player


You can use the following note-tags to change how items interact with the inventories:

  • <gridSize:cols,rows> - replace cols and rows with how many cols and rows the item should take up in the grid.
  • <maxItems:amount> - replace amount with the stack size of the item.
  • <imageSrc:imgName> - replace imgName with the name the custom icon have in the data-file.
  • <Rarity:rarityID> - replace rarityID with the id of the rarity defined in the plugin parameters

Custom Icon

For custom icons you need to make a spritesheet called "InventoryIcons.png" and place it in the "./img/system" folder of your project. Furthermore, you also need to have a data file which contains the information of each icon in the spritesheet placed in the "./data" folder of your project called "InventoryIcons.json".

This data file should contain the following layout:

{"frames":  {
 "frame": {"x":0,"y":0,"w":32,"h":32},
 "frame": {"x":32,"y":0,"w":32,"h":32},

I would recommend using the program TexturePacker to make the data file alongwith the spritesheet. It is free and very easy to use. Here is a quick tutorial in how to make your spritesheet and data file:


Beta 1.7        :  Added even more customization for the tool tip window incl Notetags!
Beta 1.6        :  Added Confirmation Window when dropping/destroying items
                              Added a lot of customization options for the tool tip window
                              Added custimazation options for the item command windows
                              The held item now uses a HeldItemManager
                              Bug Fixes

Beta 1.5        :  Made the plugin compatible with more YEP_ItemCore extensions
                                    - YEP_X_AttachAugments
                                    - YEP_X_ItemUpgrades
                              Added missing stuff to the tool tip window
Beta 1.4        :  Made the plugin compatible with various YEP_ItemCore extensions
                                    - YEP_X_ItemDisassemble (Limited)
                                    - YEP_X_ItemDurability (missing tool tip info)
                                    - YEP_X_ItemRename
                             Changed various behind the scene stuff for handling mouse and keyboard
Beta 1.3        :  Added customization options for item/cursor background colors
                              Added Rarity system for customizing item bckground/text colors
Beta 1.2        :  Added a plugin command for openning the custom inventories
                              Fixed the custom inventory scene when using the keyboard
Beta 1.1.1    :  Fixed usage of items from the inventory
                              Fixed hiding the tooltip window
Beta 1.1        :  Changed som logic behind adding items to the inventory
                              Made the plugin compatible with YEP_ItemCore
Beta 1.0.1    :  Fixed Equip Windows bug when not in a party of 4.
Beta 1.0        :  Initial Beta Release


If you encounter any bugs or have any comments about the plugin. Feel free to leave a comment here or send me a message on the rpg maker forum. My username there is Magnus0808.


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this Plug-in you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MRP_GridInventory.js 140 kB


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Beta should be $10... looks good but very unpolished. 

from what I can see as it is now It's still unpolished, but I am VERY much looking forward to when it is

Is 20$ a final price? I thank you a lot for creation o this plugin, but the price is somewhat overkill...

I am planning on having $20 as the final price. But since it is still in development I have put it on "sale" for 25% off ($15).

Personally, I do not think the price is overkill at all. It is a rather big plugin, and hopefully this price will not be too much for you.